Friday, May 13, 2011

Random Testing....

This isn't the best picture, but it shows the machine that tests Shane's lung capacity because chemo can have an effect on different things...lungs being one of them.  He also has to have his ears tested for hearing.  Shane's results are coming back very good!

Cycle 3....6 weeks to go!!!

This week was more laid back than the other weeks we have stayed at Swedish.  Shane was more tired and bogged down.  His #'s are exceeding expectations and we know it is because of all your prayers!  Even with his #'s dropping dramatically and quickly, his oncologist is still wanting him to do the full 12 weeks of chemo.  Surgeries of the skeleton tumors will then be removed.  

Daddy's FAVORITE Visitor=)

Sadie could hardly wait to visit daddy!

She is daddy's BEST medicine!

Sadie kept her eye on Nurse Heidi making sure she did things "just" right;)

Two 1 Day Treatments.....

Shane had his one day treatments of Bleomycin for the past 2 weeks.  Each being on a Tuesday and only takes about 2 hours.  Everything went great and his #'s are dropping dramatically!  Praise God!!! And thank you for your continued prayers=)