Wednesday, April 13, 2011

.:Week 3:.

This week was SO much better for Shane!  Staying in the hospital and getting the meds before the chemo really helped!  He had no temp or sick feeling at all!  He now can just go Tuesdays (on his weeks not staying Mon-Fri) for a couple hours.  They will just give him special meds to counter act the issues he had before and then give him the chemo.  

The view again was amazing!  Bellevue this time!  We had a great time relaxing and watching TV=)


  1. Your smiles are contageous. It's obvious God is carrying you through these times. Your joy shows, and that's God given. Praying for complete healing, peace, and rest. I know there are many sleepless nights, and worry-filled nights through all of this. Please keep us posted on Shanes progress!
    Loving you guys!

  2. Wow, that is a beautiful view! Very nice to have while sitting there and hanging out. I have been thinking of you guys lots and am praying for you! Thanks for keeping us posted.