Thursday, June 2, 2011

Whew! 10 weeks down.....ONLY 2 to go!!!!

What a journey this has been!  Shane's HGC #'s are amazing and his body is no longer "creating" cancer!  Praise God!  He is feeling so sick and we are not looking forward to this week coming with recovering at home.  We are really looking forward to him feeling better and feeling 100%!

The following 2 weeks are on Tuesdays and the treatments are out-patient.  We are excited to not be traveling weekly to Swedish=)  Although we do have to say that the staff on the Oncology floor are amazing!  They really are wonderful nurses and love what they do!

Shane will start his surgeries in 6-8 weeks after his final chemo treatment.  After that, he should be in remission and just have check-ups every 3 months for 5 years.

Thank you so much for your continued prayer!

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