Sunday, August 14, 2011

1st Surgery.....Removing Mass from Abdomen

Shane had his first surgery August 11th at Swedish Hospital.  It was a 7 hour surgery to remove the tumor mass in his abdomen area.  After the surgeon spent 3 hours from trying to remove the tumor around his kidney, it ended up having to be removed.  They are going to have to go back and remove some lymph nodes in his back and he will also need the lump on his neck removed.  (So 2 surgeries left!)  Those will happen in the next couple months.  
Shane's first few days were miserable for him.  He was in a ton of pain and could hardly move.  Slowly, each day he was able to move a little more.  

Thank you to Brian and TAnya for keeping me company during the 7 hour surgery!  
We had a fun day in Seattle!  What wonderful friends!!!  

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