Friday, December 2, 2011

And We Can See the Finish Line!!!

Shane had his last surgery and it went well!  It went about an hour longer than expected, but they got everything they needed to.  It looks like his therastic duct (the tube in your neck that carries kile from your stomach) didn't get cut......which was a HUGE answer to prayer because that means he won't have to be on a zero fat diet.  

Shane is expected to have a quicker recovery than in the past.  He then will have blood work and scans done Dec. 27th and Dec. 29th he has an appointment with his Oncologist to go over everything.  Our prayer is that he will then be told he is cancer free!  2012 should be a fresh start for us!

Shane is really looking forward to eating normal and getting back into his active pace of life!  We are SO excited for this to all be done:)  We really couldn't be more blessed with our amazing family and friends!  You all have prayed and been there for us when we didn't have the energy! 

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